Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Blog

I have started a new blog: 
This blog has served its purpose, and it is time to move on.

Yom Kippur 2012

YHWH's appointed Day of Atonement is coming up again, and since this is a day about being forgiven for all our sins, it would be good to take a good look at ourselves to see if perhaps we need to forgive others who have wronged us.

Through unforgiveness we create a heavy load of unresolved grudges and resentment which presses on our shoulders and which takes our breath away.
After all, ' forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors': one cannot be done without the other.

It's an attitude we should live by each day of our lives, and a nice illustration of this principle is the video below.

Monday, September 17, 2012

You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?

...Natanyahu asked during the interview I mentioned in my previous post.

Alireza Forghani once again underlined what kind of fanatics we are dealing with, and how Israel has been maneuvered into a position where the nation cannot afford to wait and do nothing.
They HAVE to act, there's no other choice possible if the nation wants to survive.

Read these words I quoted from an article published by WND:

'Forghani, a strategy specialist in the camp of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, boasted that every city in Israel will turn into a killing ground and the longsuffering of Muslims worldwide "will be justified by the mighty Islamic Iran."
No one then will listen to the cries of the women and children of Israel, the author warned, when Jerusalem becomes "the biggest graveyard in the world.'''

Although statements like these are heard time and again, it is still a very chilling experience to see Muslims yearn to be instruments of death and destruction, and think they are working in service of the almighty Creator.
People like that are stark raving lunatics of the most dangerous kind, and you really, really do not want to see them in possession of nukes.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Common Sense vs. Insanity

In reaction to the parody on Muhammad's life Obama immediately responded by stressing how he 'rejected efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others', just like the Vatican which insisted that we should 'respect the sensitivities of the muslims'.

'Respect the sensitivities' of murderous hoodlums?
My goodness, these 'sensitive people' murdered four diplomats because they felt offended and we are told to make sure we do not step on a muslim's toes?
In spite of the fact that their beloved prophet really IS a molester, a pedophile and a cold-blooded murderer, the Jim Jones of the 7th century?
If that does not equal total insanity I don't know what will.

Regardless of what you may think of Netanyahu, at least he has common sense and wisdom which is notoriously absent in the press and the leaders we have here in the West.
Here's an outtake of his comments which you can read at Ynetnews

'In a segment from the interview which was published Saturday night ahead of the NBC interview, the prime minister was asked whether he believed a 'containment strategy' would work on Iran, as was done with the Soviet Union in its time.

Netanyahu responded: "I think Iran is very different, they put their zealotry above survival, they have suicide bombers all over the place, I wouldn't rely on their rationality."

According to Netanyahu: "Since the advent of nuclear weapons you've had countries that have had access to nuclear weapons who always made a careful calculation of cost and benefit but Iran is guided by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism."

"It's the same fanaticism that you see storming your embassies today. You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?"

Netanyahu then responded to the slew of recent criticism expressed in US newspapers towards his plans for a military strike on Iran: "I heard some people suggest…I actually read this in the American press, they said 'well you know if you take action that’s a lot worse than having Iran with nuclear weapons.'

"Some have even said that Iran with nuclear weapons would stabilize the Middle East. Stabilize the Middle East! I think that the people who say this set a new standard for human stupidity."'

I love that comment, because he hits the nail on the head when he mentions the insanity which is so rampant everywhere around us.
How can you reason with insanity?

I would not at all be surprised to see Israel take action to prevent Iran from fulfilling their nuclear ambitions on VERY short notice, possibly even within a few days.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Graveyard

In the back alley of the lives of many there's a graveyard sated with the unmarked graves of lost visions.
Many go to this place to bury a vision which turned out to be impossible.
At least, that is what they have come to believe.

The pain over this loss is so great and intense that many seek to suppress it with anger, bitterness and blame.
As they carry their vision to the graveyard to bury it, they bury the essence of their hearts, and that is what makes it so painful.
Part of themselves stays in the unmarked grave.

After visiting the graveyard where their vision now lies in an unmarked grave, they visit the local store next to the graveyard.
This shop sells new visions to replace the old one they carried to the grave to help them forget and overcome the painful memory of burying their original vision.
The new replacement is not born in their hearts, but it is presented by opportunity, carved out in practicality, and installed in their minds as a new vision for their lives.

The old vision which they buried did not turn out to be practical.
It had a magnificent beauty and a radiant splendor which made the loss of this vision such a painful experience.
Their lives simply did not provide accommodation for the vision to grow and become a real painting of their lives.
Instead, where they sought to make the vision come true, they encountered obstruction of the most inane kind.
All the avenues where they travelled in pursuit of the original vision turned into dead ends leading nowhere.

And so, finally one day they looked at their lives and noticed the disparity between their vision, and what their lives turned out to be.
All the time and effort they invested in pursuit of the vision had brought them nothing but hardship and frustration.
All the doors they tried to open turned out to be locked, and the wall they faced did not provide a window that they might get a glimpse of what lies beyond, and how to get there.

What else can a sensible man or woman do then but to adapt to the 'reality of life'?
With a different and more moderate vision, life becomes easier, especially when the reality of circumstances accommodates this vision to a far greater degree.
Money pops up where formerly it remained out of reach, the obstructions vanish, and life becomes easier and more pleasant.
It now feels like a walk downhill instead of trying to struggle uphill while carrying a heavy load.

So, they make the choice to walk downhill.
The choice to let go of their original vision unlocks doors which used to be shut and opens up avenues where they were unable to venture.

In short, the choice makes life easier for them.
Everything seems to turn out better as a result of the choice, except for one thing: there's a constant aching pain in the recesses of their minds reminding them of their decision to abandon the colorful vision of their hearts.
Instead of applying different colors they now are painting their lives in the shades of dull grey of the practical pseudo-vision dictated to them by the reality of their circumstances.

Most of them do not realize that beyond the reality of circumstances there are forces manipulating the circumstances.
They shape reality and create obstructions to the visions of color because they live in a world of shades of grey: the shadow world.

In the world of shadows color is an obscenity and a threat to the uniformity of this netherworld.
Any vision displaying colors must therefore be eliminated and buried in the graveyard of colorful visions so that it can be replaced by a monochrome grey vision blending in with the tones of the netherworld of shadows.

The powers pulling the strings need to create a situation which will cause the puppets to conform to the monochrome grey existence in the world of shadows.
After all, a shadow can move about freely only in a dark world painted in dark tones of drab grey.
A world filled with colors is a place where the shadow cannot come and move about freely.

And so, the powers begin to shape the circumstances of the marionettes so that they obstruct the pursuit of their vision.
They shape and manipulate the reality of their lives to such a degree that the circumstances of the puppets do not allow for the expression of the colorful visions.
Furthermore, the circumstances are shaped to maneuver the marionettes towards a pseudo-vision painted in drab grey.

This is how one day the marionettes wake up and make the decision to accept 'reality' for what it is, and abandon their vision.
They carry it to the graveyard to pursue a pseudo-vision in the shop of practicality.
The practicality consists of nothing other than a manipulated reality where the marionettes are maneuvered to an open door which allows them to adapt to this manipulated reality by walking through the door towards a different destiny.
It presents itself as an opportunity, but this opportunity is designed to lead the puppets away from the graveyard where they buried their vision.

With pain in their hearts the marionettes see how the doors of their lives are shut to the pursuit of their original vision.
They see in the mirrors around them scorn and ridicule for their original vision reflected back at them.
As they move about, they stumble and fall time and again in pursuit of their vision.
With each passing year they notice how they seem to be running around in smaller and smaller circles until no room is left for them to move anymore as long as they hold on to the vision.

By far most of them are not aware of how unseen powers have pulled the strings of their marionette costumes to force them into a different direction than their hearts wanted to go, unaware of how avenues were closed off by the shadows scurrying to and fro on the stage of life.
They fail to see how the mirrors lie to them because they show a distorted image.

Their eyes could not see they were maneuvered like rats in a maze with moving wall elements in order to lead the rat to exit A.
Exit B was the door to the realization of their original colorful vision, yet the shadows kept moving the wall elements of their lives around in such a way that they were not able to move towards exit B.

One day they wake up and find themselves facing gate A.
Gate B is nowhere in sight, and the suggestion pops up in their minds more powerful than ever before: 
'Let go, and adapt to the circumstances, seize this opportunity.
Let go of hardship and open the door to the good things in life'.

'You have invested all of your time, your effort,  your energy, your money, and what has it gotten you?
A dead end where you do not have enough money to make your vision happen, you lack the access to the gate which will make your vision come true, you tried and tried and all you got in return is fatigue in your soul for all the obstruction you encountered.
Why don't you abandon this ridiculous notion of yours which got you nowhere and which produced nothing but heartache and suffering, and pursue a different vision presented to you by gate A.
Leave your original vision in the unmarked grave, and give your heart to a different vision which does not suffer from the obstruction of your original vision.
Make life easier for yourself, and go with the flow of your circumstances.
Take that new vision and watch your life unfold in ways you deemed impossible'.

Many marionettes fall for the trick and carry their original vision to the graveyard.
They visit the shop of practicality and buy a new vision for an easier life.
The downside is that they will never excel in expressing any vibrant colors, because their pseudo-vision is devoid of the abundant colors of their original vision.

But, that vision was torn up by unseen powers pulling the strings on the marionette costumes and maneuvering the wall elements of their lives around.
The best they can hope for is becoming good at bringing out the shades of grey of the pseudo-vision, blending in with the crowd and finding affirmation of having made the right and sensible choice in that crowd.

The guardians of the theater brought obstruction in the lives of the cogs, shutting off all opportunities.
Thus they sought to inspire discouragement, disappointment, anger, frustration, and an aching heart.
In the minds of the cogs these negative feelings were associated with the pursuit of their original vision, thus creating a strong impetus to accept a different vision, a vision for which the forces of darkness had created opportunities to manifest itself.

After all, why pursue a vision which brings nothing but misery, failure, frustration, obstruction, a vision which seemed to have no practical use or value in the world of the theater?
Why bother to suffer and deprive yourself from the elixir of life by chasing after wind?

Thus the marionettes were pushed into a situation where they could replace their original vision given to them by YHWH with a vision born from belief in the lie of what their circumstances told them: 
'Your original vision must have been a trick of your mind, or else YHWH would have brought opportunities on your path.
Look around you and see opportunity knocking on your door with a new vision, the one you were destined to embody'.

The moment they accept that vision as the answer to a manipulated stage reality, evil begins to paint their lives in the drab shady colors of its own pseudo-vision.
Life becomes easier for them now that they have fully abandoned their original vision, and submitted to the vision presented to them by circumstances.
They may not excel the way they could have, but at least they have their bed made and their place carved out in the system of cogs in service of the big wheel of lies.
They forsook the bright colors of YHWH's vision in favor of a monochrome vision ordained by practicality, painted in the image of their circumstances.

Once they had faith in the vision of their hearts.
That faith served to draw the vision for their lives, which was born in the heart of YHWH, into the physical world.
But then the circumstances of their lives in the physical world contradicted that faith by bringing a constant stream of obstruction on their paths.
Unseen powers were at work to manipulate their circumstances to manifest a lie, yet they failed to detect the nature of the manipulation.

These unseen forces of the shadow world had a plan set up to force the puppets into compliance with their monochrome grey visions.
The strategy was to create obstruction and animosity in the environment towards the vision of color.

This was not hard to do, since the other puppets who were part of the scenery of their lives had already traded in their original vision for an inferior drab grey pseudo-vision, and the presence of a colorful vision in another puppets was as much a threat to them as it was to the unseen forces of the netherworld.

The purpose behind the obstruction and the animosity was to create a pattern of emotional reaction in the marionette with the colorful vision.
The emotional reaction consisted of a memory in the brain of the puppet together with the release of chemicals in the body which create the physical reality of the emotion attached to the memory.
The elements of obstruction belonging to the memories of the hurt they experienced would be connected to the emotional reactions, thus consolidating the 'reality' of their situation on their minds.
This reality of pain and obstruction was associated with the pursuit of the original vision, creating a situation where it seemed as if this original vision was causing the pain and obstruction.

By repeating the same type of inane obstruction over and over again, a negative belief system was installed in the mind of the target.
'After all, if the yesterdays produced the same patterns of obstruction time and again, they will turn up tomorrow as well'.
Thus, faith in the negative obstruction further empowered and consolidated the very obstruction they yearn to be free from.
This negative belief system now hinders and works contrary to faith in YHWH's purpose and vision for their lives.

After a few years a large body of brain cells in the mind of the marionette is formed as a mechanism of conditioning, a lever, connecting the pursuit of their original vision to pain, misery and obstruction.
This lever is the tool by means of which the shadows reverse the polarity of faith to their advantage.

Emotions are used to strengthen the strings on the marionette costume.
They are levers by means of which the manipulated reality becomes a part of our belief system.
This is how a child grows into the image of a worthless bum after having been told by his parents and his environment that he is a bum hundreds of times.
The rise of emotions caused by the tag internalizes the tag as part of the child's belief system, and because of his faith in the manipulated reality he becomes the manipulated reality.
His faith has been reversed.

But, surely the reality of experiencing pain and suffering in the physical world is something you cannot deny as if that is not real, can you?

Or, CAN you?

The unseen forces orchestrated the circumstances of the marionette's life to such a degree that the circumstances LIED.

Carve this in your mind: physical circumstances, including your body, can be used to manifest a lie.

Question is: will you accept the lie and belief in it as your reality, or will you hold on to knowing a greater spiritual reality and reject the lie?

Accepting the lie is to reverse your faith.
Rejecting the lie in the name of Yahshua is to have faith in YHWH.

The circumstances told the marionette that the colorful vision was worthless and produced nothing but pain, and if the vision truly came from YHWH to express His vision for the life of the marionette, YHWH would have made sure that life would accommodate the realization of this vision.
Surely YHWH would have made life easier.

Yet, the truth is that the physical reality of the marionette's life was the result of manipulation, a situation set up to draw the marionette away from its mission and its purpose into a bogus purpose.

The physical reality lied.

It was not real, it was orchestrated.
It had become a tale of fiction manifesting on the stage of the puppet, a tale designed with the sole purpose of making the marionette into a vessel shining monotone grey unto the stage of life, a perfect cog in the big wheel of lies.

The more the marionette got involved with the stage reality, the more it forgot the reality of life outside of the theater.
Life beyond the theater was a mixed collage of colorful visions because life was not sabotaged to the extent where people would abandon the vision they were created to embody.
Outside the theater, life reflected truth and not the fiction of an evil writer bringing lies into existence.

But why then would YHWH allow lives to be manipulated to such an extent that the pursuit of the original vision is connected to obstruction and suffering?
Surely that does not make any sense?

It DOES make sense once you bring the image of a bodybuilder to mind: to develop the muscle tissue, the bodybuilder needs to apply the stress of weights.

To be able to draw the original vision from the spiritual into the physical, the marionette needs to have faith, and to build faith it needs the stress of that which contradicts the reality of faith.
Through the contradiction of the reality of faith by means of a manipulated physical reality, the marionette is given an opportunity to grab hold of faith in YHWH by rejecting the lie manifesting in the physical world.

To reject the lie, the puppet needs to grab hold of faith in YHWH's spiritual reality even though it does not yet manifest in his circumstances.
When he grabs hold of YHWH's reality and rejects the lie in his circumstances, this faith is strengthened and it draws the colorful vision, created by YHWH in the spiritual domain, into the physical domain.
Furthermore, the strings on the puppet are weakened and the puppet gradually ceases to be a puppet, and the powers of darkness lose their grip on the puppet.

So, there's a clash between two realities, one manifesting on a physical level embodying a lie, and one on a spiritual level which cannot be seen yet with the physical senses, but which can be grasped through faith and believing in YHWH.
When these realities clash, the marionette finds himself faced with a choice.
The choice is to accept the stage setting as his reality, or to accept the setting of life outside the theater as reality.

The moment the marionette chooses to accept the stage setting, he locks himself into the theater, unable to ever find the way back into real life outside of the theater.
The vision for his life is dictated by the dark powers within the theater and they watch his life unfold in shades of monochrome grey entirely in harmony with their nature.

And so, a man stands at the brink of the grave where he is to bury his colorful vision, a man wrapped in the costume of a marionette.
What does he believe, what does he have faith in?
The man, whose soul and spirit are still connected to the real world, remembers the world outside, aware of the discrepancy between the fictitious, manipulated world inside the theater, and the real world outside.

He has had his share of adversity and obstruction.
Pain and sadness have become familiar companions in his life.

If he now chooses to believe in what his circumstances tell him, he believes in a lie and builds his identity on a lie.
The world outside the theater will become a threat to him because he will be an extension of the lie, where the outside world is founded on truth.
Believing in the lie switches his faith around so that instead of faith in the reality of the world outside, he has faith in the manipulated reality of the lie.

Yet if he now chooses to believe in the truth of his colorful vision and he does not bury it in an unmarked grave, he believes in truth and builds his identity on truth.
The world inside the theater will remain a threat because he now carries a vision of color within him which clashes with the shady stage of life.
Believing in truth will confirm and strengthen his faith.
Ultimately truth will destroy the manifestation of the lie in his circumstances, and change them to reflect the reality of life outside the theater.

Either he conforms to the theater, or the theater will ultimately have to conform to him.
Accept the distorted and manipulated reality of the theater and thereby deny the reality of life outside, or reject the fake reality of the theater because you have accepted the truth of life outside the theater.

Realizing this truth, the man spits in the grave to show his contempt for the pitiful attempts the unseen powers of darkness make to manipulate his reality.
He knows, and his knowing destroys the purpose of what the shadow masters tried to achieve.

Although he still is forced to see through the eyes of his marionette costume how his circumstances contradict his faith in the truth of the vision, he rejects this manipulated reality as a fake reality, and acknowledges the unseen reality of the world outside as the reality for his life.
He grabs hold of faith and sees his life and his circumstances throug the eyes of faith.
Whether it is tomorrow, or next month, or years later, the reality of his circumstances WILL have to conform to the reality of life outside the theater and accommodate the colors of his vision.

The theater is about make-belief and the depiction of false realities as trapdoors designed to change the polarity of the man's faith, and turn him into a full-fledged puppet identifying with the strings on his costume.
The theater is the house of lies contrasting with the truth of life outside of the theater.

Accepting the lie causes the lie to become part of us, and we grow into the image of the lie.

Our faith in the lie, as if it is truth, gives the lie the fertile soil to produce fruit after its kind.
Our faith in the lie is what causes our lives to become hollow shadows painted in shades of grey.
It creates and perpetuates a reality of the lie for our lives.

The man realized this when he remembered truth.
He took hold of faith in truth and rejected the validity of the stage reality of his circumstances.
He even shouted his rejection into the world, disbelieving the circumstances of his marionette life as being the reality for his life.

This man took once again possession of his soul and became a threat to the unseen masters of the shadow.
Because he, as an extension of truth through his faith in the truth, stood in contrast with the lie reality of the stage.
His faith will destroy the manifestations of the lie on the stage, so that the circumstances of his life on the stage of life will become a reflection of the Truth he believes in.

Circumstances will change as a result of the man's faith, where it was the intention of the dark powers to change the man's faith through his circumstances.
But he recognized the deceit and grabbed hold of his faith in truth, renouncing the validity of his circumstances.
And the darkness lost where the light began to shine.

If you have invested your time in reading this lengthy post, then make sure you bind this advice which I give you on your heart, and carve it in your soul: NEVER abandon the original vision for your life, NEVER allow adverse circumstances take hostage of your faith.
It does not mean that you cannot take a detour for a while when you notice that the road is blocked, but never mistake the detour as the purpose for your life.
The moment you bury the vision for your life, you LOSE the PURPOSE for which you were born.

When you lose your purpose, you never will find true happiness.
At best you will be able to achieve a pseudo-happiness which is the result of drugging yourself with external sensual distractions.
To maintain this phony world of distraction requires that you constantly block any memory of what you could have been, if only you had not carried your original vision to its grave.

The grave of your buried vision may be unmarked, but you know exactly where the grave is because part of you resides in that grave.
You may distract yourself and run from the sadness of this memory by wallowing in the lies you tell yourself, but the true, deep happiness which comes from abiding in the colors of your vision will be out of reach for you, because YOU chose to exile it from your life.

If you have buried the original vision for your life, return to the grave where your buried your vision.
Dig it up again, and bring it to life with your faith.
As children of YHWH and believers in Yahshua you have been given the power and authority to do so.

Do not say 'I am too old, my life is wasted'.
If you are 80 years old, it may be that YHWH has determined the number of your earthly years to be 110.
What are you going to do with the remaining 30 years on your counter?
Look back at the past and wallow in self-pity for the wrong choice you made?
All it takes is one choice to believe to change things around.
Visit that grave, dig up your lost vision, and in the authority of Yahshua speak life into it.
Isn't that a much better way to spend the 30 years you have left on this earth?

Age is just a by-product of the physical dimension, an illusion in the face of the reality of eternity.
Remember that when your thoughts try to tell you that you are too old, that you missed your opportunity.
THAT is just another LIE, a set-up designed to keep you trapped.

Regardless of what may happen, NEVER let the forces of evil steal away this purpose, this colorful vision.
Building on the foundation of this vision WILL give you a true and lasting joy in your heart, despite the circumstances, a joy which helps you transcend your circumstances.
Plaster this vision on your minds and never allow the monochrome grey world of shadows to overcome and replace this colorful place in your soul.

Darkness will vanish where light begins to shine, that's the way it is, that's the way He made it.
All you have to do is let the Light in, and believe in it.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Wheel

A wheel is like a miniature version of eternity: if you start moving along the edge of a wheel, you could move forever without ever reaching a clear end point.

Of course it is bogus form of eternity, because eternity on the wheel is created by a visual deception.
When you focus on the movement along the edge of the wheel, and the entire edge of the wheel looks the same, you lose track of where you started so that when you pass the starting point again it looks like just another brick in the road of eternity.

It's not hard to destroy the deception.
All you have to do is look away from the wheel to the environment of the wheel, so that you become aware of your movement along the edge of the wheel in relation to the environment.
This way you become aware of when you reach the starting point again, and you realize that the starting point is also your finish line.

The destiny of evil and the ones who have become embodiments of evil is like being trapped in a wheel.
Evil is like being stuck in a perpetual motion on the same level.
You keep going through the same motion over and over and over again, yet you never get anywhere.
Where you came from and where you are going do not matter because they are the same.
Life in that circle is utterly meaningless and a torture, yet many choose this destiny for themselves by their embrace of the big lie of evil during their life on earth.

The problem with the robots is that they are too focused on their position as a cog in the big wheel which makes this world go round.
Their obsessive focus makes them blind to the fact that the wheel runs in circles, just as the cog runs around in a familiar circle, giving up its energy to the motion of the big wheel of lies.

They forget that in the capacity of a cog they will just be replaced by another cog when their existence on earth comes to an end.
The person who is the cog is irrelevant.
It's the energy he or she sacrifices which is the important factor, and this sacrifice is rewarded by the system invented to validate and motivate the cogs within the big wheel.

In the end when the last spark of life-energy has left the marionette, he will venture out of his costume only to wake up to the truth about the lie he believed in.
Yet when the cog finally realizes truth, he will find himself locked into the wrong side of the mirror, unable to reach back into the reality of life.
For this cog eternity will be spent in the pain of the realization of truth as an embodiment of the big lie running on the treadmill of eternity where nothing ever changes.

The cogs serve.
Servitude is good, and so, to promote this concept, servitude is rewarded.
Rebellion is evil.
And so, cogs who rebel against their slave existence are punished in order to enforce the concept of the cog-existence being a good and worthwhile existence.

Rebellion against servitude is evil, unless the rebellion can be transformed into a subset of wheels of the great big wheel of lies.
In that capacity the rebellion becomes institutionalized as part of the big wheel of lies, demanding servitude to its own image of rebellion.

The greater the servitude, the greater the reward.
That is, if the serving cog has certain assets and character traits which prove to be useful in the great big wheel of lies.
If the system fails to enforce servitude, a place is created within the big wheel for the rebels to entice them to serve as cogs in order to keep the system alive and well.
A different concept in the image of the rebellion is created, yet it is structured in the image of the big wheel so that it ends up becoming another system of cogs working to spin the big wheel of lies around.

The cogs keep the big wheel in motion.
They are driven by their faith in the deception of the system of the big wheel of lies.
Urged on by their misplaced faith they sacrifice their life-force in service of obtaining the illusions projected by the big wheel of lies and reaping the imaginary rewards.

The big wheel of lies is connected to a projector which projects a vision on the big screen of life.
On the screen the cogs can see the image of the big lie.
Their constant involvement with keeping the image alive keeps them locked in a state of mesmeric fixation on the image.
This image is given life by the life-force they sacrificed, and so, the image becomes them and they become the image, and the image becomes their god.

The image of the lie is shielded by the theater from the image of Truth projected on the big screens outside the theater.
The challenge presented to those who entered the theater is to become aware of the difference between the image of truth as they remember it, and the image of lies, and choose for the reality of the truthful image.

The problem is that the image of lies is so big and overwhelming that they forget the image of truth.
At least, for a season.

All of us who entered the theater forget, and some never wake up to remember.
They are swallowed up into the oblivion of the theater, mistaking it's fictitious reality for the reality of life outside the theater.
They become the cogs, they merge with their marionette costumes, and they foster an identity cultivated by the strings on their costume.
They cannot return to reality ever again as they grow into temporary stage props.

But some begin to remember.
Before entering the theater they had always taken the image of Truth as self-evident, yet here in the theater their involvement with the stage scenery caused an amnesia of the image of truth.

Yet, at some point, as they were maneuvered into acceptance of the image of lies, the image of truth suddenly popped up in their minds again, and they found themselves looking at the image of Truth from the perspective of their involvement with the image of the projected lies.

That is when the trouble really begins.
As the stage reality is seen from the perspective of remembering the reality of life outside the theater, the magnetic pull of the big wheel deception is broken.
No longer can they function as obedient cogs, and therefore the guardians of the system will do everything in their power to force them back into their place in the system of the big wheel.

Suffering and adversity always have shown themselves to be a very effective whip to enforce conformity and strengthen the stronghold of the hypnosis of the stage reality.
So, once the hypnosis of the stage reality is broken in an individual's mind, every stop of suffering and adversity is pulled by the guardians to whip the individual back into his place in the system, or at least to prevent him from destroying the stage illusion with his awareness of the truth.
For the guardians it's a matter of making sure that the contamination of the Truth virus does not have a chance to spread and infect others.

The guardians have to make sure to keep the pseudo-eternity of the big wheel in motion.
After all, this is how the flow of life-force is kept going through the strings on the costume, and this energy is the mortar for the bricks which keep the system in its place.

And so, the wheel keeps turning for the duration of the play, creating the illusion of a pseudo-reality where everyone is given a vision in the image of the big wheel which will yield the rewards of acceptance, prosperity, well-being and happiness for all.
Except for the ones who remember truth.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Choice

The first choice bought us the entry ticket into the theater of the damned.
We chose to buy the tickets into the play of life with our very life-force.

Upon entering the theater, the outer shell of the body became our marionette costume.
We used to operate freely, yet as marionettes the strings attached to the marionette costume determine our actions.

The outer shell gave us tainted glasses through which our soul views life.
Through these glasses our soul does not see life as it truly is, but it sees a distortion of the glasses, a reality which is created by the glasses and which does not really exist.

The outer shell gave us a mask.
The mask allows us to see ourselves in the mirrors of the maze as acceptable.
We put on the masks for the very purpose of finding acceptance in these mirrors and approval by the other marionettes identifying with the image in the mirrors.
As we live in marionette bodies, viewing the world through the tainted glasses and wearing a mask to be part of the crowd, we gradually become the marionette, we become the glasses, we become the mask.

And as we surrender to the prison existence and build our identities upon that existence, we die in our prison.
Our glasses projected freedom and life where there was bondage and death.
Because we believed our glasses and identified with the image we beheld through the glasses, we surrendered ourselves to death.

We became zombies, projections of death, feeding on the energy of others to keep us going through our daily routine on the great big wheel of lies.

Yet ultimately, we have to face our reality of death.
We leave an empty marionette suit, a pair of glasses and a mask as an inheritance for the next generation of fools which chooses death over life.

That is the destiny unfolding from the first choice.

There is a second choice given to us by our Creator.
This choice gives us an opportunity to escape out of the theater of the damned.
Yahshua is the One who came here to cure us from our schizophrenia, and He is the One who gives us the choice to be cured and escape from the mad prison of existence we are put in.

When we choose to believe in Him, our spirit first is led to the exit of the theater back into real life.
Because our body is slow and resistant to the spirit, the internal division between the spirit and the body becomes very clear and noticeable to our soul when we make the choice to believe.
Yahshua reconnects our spirit to YHWH's Spirit, and because our body carries the legacy and the force of evil there is a great contrast between the input of this Spirit into our soul, and the input of our body into our soul.

Most of us never will be able to get rid of the legacy of the memories of sin within our body, and the only way we can be liberated is when YHWH gives the signal for our spirit to separate from the outer contrasting shell of our physical body.
When that happens, our spirit and soul escape from the mad theater while our body remains on the stage in the theater as a disintegrating fossil of deception.

In our original uncorrupted state such a signal would mean that our physical body simply would transform its energy to be able to enter a different dimension.
But since our body has become glued to the bandwidth of physical creation as a result of our choice to sin, the only way for our spirit to leave this dimension is when the physical prison is separated from our spirit.

Only a few select individuals were given the prerogative of being reconciled with their Creator to such an extent that their body was able to comply with the signal to transform.
As a result, their bodies did not die.
Instead, when YHWH gave the signal the energy manifesting in the form of a physical body simply transformed into a manifestation in a different dimension, a dimension which the Bible calls heaven.

They had in common that they lived close to YHWH and led a kadosh (holy) lifestyle.
In other words, they lived from faith and killed the part within them which lived from doubt.
These individuals are forerunners of what will happen to those who believe in Yahshua in the near future.

Our choice to sin meant we cut ourselves loose from the Source of Existence.
As our spirit was cut off from our Creator's Spirit, our body suddenly was stuck in the physical dimension, and death became a reality for us.

The integration and oneness we experienced in YHWH gave way to a state of separation entirely in line with the character of dualism.
Since our spirit retained the knowledge of good whereas our body became a vehicle for evil, our soul split into a carnal and a spiritual mind, the mind of the actor in the theater of the damned and the mind of spirit connected to life outside of this theater.

Since our spirit now found itself imprisoned in a body subject to the laws governing the physical creation, we experience in our soul the constant tug of war between the mutually exclusive forces of good and evil as long as we are living in our physical body.

Yahshua's salvation liberates the spirit first.
Then it draws the soul back into the spirit through identification of the soul with the renewed spirit.
Lastly, the outer separate shell of the body will be transformed so that it once again be an energy manifestation of the spirit, able to travel into different dimensions since it can adapts its energy in accordance with the spirit.

We are close to the moment when Yahshua will return and our bodies will be transformed.
The image of the trumpet or the shofar in the Bible is the image of the signal YHWH will give which will cause the the energy of the spirits and souls of the believers to manifest in new transformed bodies.
The trumpet will sound, and the spirits of YHWH's own will resonate and pass this resonance on through the soul into the body, so that even the physical shell of the body will vibrate in resonance and be transformed by it.

No longer will our body be a prison stuck in the bandwidth of physical creation, but it will truly be an extension of our spirit and able to change the manifestation of its energy to reach beyond the bandwidth of physical creation.
This last step will transform us from internally divided schizophrenic human beings into restored individuals having one mind only which acts in harmony with our Creator.

Until that time we have to learn with the consequences of our original choice to separate ourselves from our Creator.
The first seed of salvation yields an instantaneous renewal of our spirit.
From that seed of inner renewal of our spirit our soul is healed and brought back into the domain of the spirit.
The body still acts like an obstinate outer shell because it contains the memory of sin, both in the form of memories in the brain of past sins as well as the genetic memory encoded in our body.
As such the body serves a useful function of learning to refine ourselves and grow in faith and love for our Creator.

The quest for eternal life on an earthly level only is a perversion of true eternal life.
Extending the lifespan of human beings indefinitely means they will indefinitely be trapped into a schizophrenic existence.
It is the equivalent of extending a life sentence indefinitely.

Life is more than existence.
Existence becomes worthwhile only when we learn to act and live in harmony with our Creator.
We then experience the sheer joy of existence in that harmony.

To extend life in a state of separation from our Creator becomes torment.
Because it lacks the harmony and inner fulfillment which makes life worthwhile.
Furthermore, by extending the lifespan of the physical body indefinitely, you extend the limitations thereof.
This limitation is caused by the fact that our physical body has become a separate outer shell, like a manifestation of energy frozen in the physical bandwidth.

To try to live forever in this frozen state is like turning yourself into a fossil which eventually grows to hate its existence.
You literally lock yourself in a state of physical separation from the Creator, trapped into a realm which has an expiration date set on it.
Why should you desire that?

Human beings need a reason to exist, and this reason can be found only in YHWH.
All other reasons are artificial distractions which act like a drug keeping you unaware of the lack of true reason.
Ultimately the effects of all drugs wears out and you have to face reality.
That is usually the moment when life becomes a pain.

It was one choice to doubt YHWH which created the prison of our lives.
It takes a second choice to believe YHWH in Yahshua to escape from this prison again, and live in freedom.
By that second choice the split turns into the reunion.
And through that reunion existence becomes meaningful and a joy.
In that state, eternal life makes sense because of the sheer joy of existence in YHWH.

Our second choice gives us the chance to undo the first choice our ancient forefather Adam made, the consequences of which we all inherited.
We cannot help but fall victim to the consequences of this first choice.
The second choice is the one we do not inherit.
Each of us must decide for him- or herself whether we want to be rescued from the theater of the damned, or whether we want to integrate with it.